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Clubs and Registries for Dodge Truck Fans

The 1917-1980 Dodge Truck Mailing List
Chris Lublin, a bonafide Dodge Truck Enthusiast, maintains the 1917-1980 Dodge Truck Mailing List. (NOT THE AUTHOR OF THIS WEBSITE) This list covers all Trucks built by the Chrysler Company (Dodge, Fargo,DeSoto, Plymouth) from 1917-1980. It covers pickups, vans, Town Wagon-Town panel, Medium and heavy duty trucks, and military trucks. Members of the list swap e-mail messages in a way which everyone can respond and add input to ongoing topics related to 1917-`93 Dodge Trucks. As of Feb. 10th, 1999, there were 135 members. What a great way to share information with fellow owners! Any Dodge Truck enthusiast is encouraged to join, and will become a member by sending an e-mail message to For more detailed information about the Dodge Trucks Mailing List, visit

The Power Wagon Advertiser
The Power Wagon Advertiser is a monthly magazine aimed at the hard-core Power Wagon restorer/enthusiast. For more info, inquire at this address:
Power Wagon Advertiser
3090 Benton Iowa Rd.
Norway, IA 52318-9510
E-mail Gordon Maney for info.

Town Wagon and Panel Mailing List
Another mailing list worth subscribing to is the Town Wagon and Panel Mailing List. Here, discussion on all topics relating to the tough Town Wagon and Town Panel Trucks by Dodge continues on. To join the list, simply send a message with the word "subscribe" in the subject heading to: and you will be added promptly. From there, a set of instructions plus informative Town Wagon and Town Panel e-mail will arrive into your e-mail box. The Town Wagon and Panel Mailing List is proctered by Wade Van Buskirk.

'57-'59 Sweptside Registry
Monty Montgomery is a writer, enthusiast, and owner of some great Dodge Trucks. He is also the manager of the Dodge D-100 Sweptside Registry. If you own a '57-'59 Sweptside, you need to talk to Monty! Contact info:

Monty Montgomery
2204 Avenue M
Hondo, TX 78861

1959-1960 Early Sweptline Registry
Chris Lublin is proprietor of the Early Sweptline Registry which deals with the trucks that directly preceded those found on this website. Contact him for more info at:

Chris Lublin
2510 Farnsworth Rd.
Lapeer, MI 48446

The Custom Sport Special Registry
Do you have a CSS? Looking for real-life examples of CSS trucks? Be sure to check out the Dodge Custom Sport Special Registry hosted by Ben Simons of Gainesville, FL.

Dodge 'Job-Rated' `39-`47 Truck Registry
Dave Fenner is in charge of the 'Job-Rated' `39-`47 Truck Registry. To join the registry, Dave requests your name, address, phone number and vehicle ID for any light Dodge Trucks, civilian or military of the body style used for Job-Rated trucks manufactured from 1939 thru 1947. A periodic newsletter is planned. Also, visit Dave's site at For more information, send e-mail or snail mail to:
Dave Fenner
1625 Jason St.
San Diego, CA 92154

The Power Wagon Registry Online
Jay's Dodge Power Wagon Page features a rare item; an Online Registry. Simply enter the necessary information, click a button and that's it! Jay adds your name, e-mail address and truck specs to the list of fellow Power Wagon owners from around the world. Nice feature! Click here to add yourself to The Power Wagon Registry Online.

The Dodge Dude Pickup Registry
Administered by Ryan Peterson, the Dodge Dude Registry offers a connecting point for owners and enthusiasts of `70-`71 Dude Pickups. To register your truck, simply e-mail Ryan at with your truck's model year, engine specs, tonnage rating, transmission type, color (interior and exterior) and options. He also requests photos and other information if you can provide them. Visit Ryan's Dude Website to see other Dude Pickups which have become a part of the growing registry.

Li'L Red Express-Warlock Registry
Specializing in Mopar's muscle trucks of the seventies. More info:
The Li'L Red Express-Warlock Registry
P.O. Box 578
Highland City, FL 33846

The 1961-1971 Dodge Truck Association
Our purpose is to be the premier organization and resource for the promotion of the preservation and restoration of the trucks, vans and utility vehicles produced by Chrysler Corporation in the years 1961 through 1971. Our goal is to encourage the automotive aftermarket to support our hobby. Our annual meet is the 1961-1971 Nationals, known as CAMP DODGE. Contact MoparNorm at for more details or visit our website at

The A-100 Van and Truck Association
Brian Bowie is the President of the "A-100 Van/Truck Association" and is also an owner of a large supply of parts for the vehicles. He is best reached weekdays between 7-9pm (Eastern Time) and is very willing to talk with enthusiasts as long as they pay for the call. Contact him for club, parts or enthusiast info at:

The A-100 Van and Truck Association
4684 Walters Lane
Harwood, Maryland 20776

at .

The Polyspherical Engine Association
The Polyspherical Engine Association is dedicated to the preservation and ownership of Early A-series V8 engines such as the 277, 301 and 318. Check out their Website for further information on parts resources, links, and other technical information.
The Polyspherical Engine Association
Bob Asay
353 Prospectors Lane
Billings, MT 59105

The Fargo Owner's Club
The Fargo Owner's Club is open to all interested in the Canadian assembled Fargos Trucks. We publish a newletter, etc. Contact Evan Davis @ (306) 469-5735 or e-mail him at

Dodge Class C RV Club
The Dodge Class C RV Club is a nuts and bolts group dedicated to Dodge RV Class C enthusiasts. For more information, send e-mail to

The WPC (Walter P. Chrysler) Club
The WPC (Walter P. Chrysler) Club is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of ALL Chrysler Products. We have about 5000 members worldwide and we host annual meets each July. Members receive the Award Winning WPC News, monthly. For more information visit our Website at or e-mail us at

The Plymouth Owners Club
The Plymouth Owners Club was formed in 1957 and now has over 3600 members worldwide. In its early years it focused on Plymouths from the pre-war era; now it recognizes Plymouth vehicles 25 years an older. Included in recognition are Plymouth commercial vehicles from 1935-41 as well as Canada's "Plymouth" truck, the Fargo, which was sold by Chrysler-Plymouth dealers here from 1936-1972.
For further information on the club and a sample magazine, contact our Membership Secretary Jim Benjaminson at (Walhalla, ND). Also, be sure to surf by their Website which is located at:

Spokane Mopar Enthusiasts
Spokane Washington is the home of this new Mopar club which hosts any enthusiast of Mopar vehicles. Club dues are $10 yearly and will presumably include a regularly updated newsletter. A Website is in the works, but until then contact Archie or Gail Grant at (509) 235-4761. More Information:
Spokane Mopar Enthusiasts
P.O. Box 329
Cheney, WA 99004-0329

Big Sky Mopars Club
Steve Botkin is the president of the Big Sky Mopar Club in Kalispell, Montana. They also have branch chapters in Missoula, Helena and Billings. They cater to all Mopars and AMC's. At their third annual car show September 13th, 1997, they had 70 cars in attendance, all Mopar. For more info, contact:

Big Sky Mopar Club
704 Shadow Lane
Kalispell, MT 59901

The Northeast Mighty Mopar Club
The Northeast Mighty Mopar Club is over 1000 members strong, and they offer a Dodge Truck T-shirt that depicts a Lil' Red Express and a couple of Power Wagons. FOR FREE CLUB INFO with a list of Mopar t-shirts and merchandise, send a large SASE to the:

Northeast Mighty Mopar Club
19 Treasure Island Road
Plainville, MA 02762 U.S.A.

Wisconsin MoPar Muscle Club
The Wisconsin MoPar Muscle Club caters to any and all years of Mopar cars and trucks. Their members own everything from a 1914 Dodge thru the latest in Quad cab Rams. The club had 150 members as of 10/99 and is growing rapidly. They are based in southeastern Wisconsin, but have members all over the central US area. The club runs three shows and two swap meets each year in the Milwaukee area including a free summer picnic. Dues are $25 per year, which includes a monthly newsletter, window sticker and 50% off entry to all club shows/swaps. You can even run free ads in their newsletter. For info, see club web page at click on the WMMC (Wisconsin MoPar Muscle Club) logo.

Houston Mopar Connection Club
"The Houston Mopar Connection Club (HMCC) has well over 100 family members at this time. We have interest in all vehicles made by or associated with what was the Chrysler Corporation! Some of us are starting to get used to DaimlerChrysler, too." They host a yearly Houston Mopar Show and Race as well. For more information, visit their website at or contact for questions or club info.

Chicagoland Mopar Connection
As we enter the new Millenium, Chicagoland Mopar Connection is one of the largest collector car clubs in the country with 700 members. CMC members own everything from the Dodge Brothers earliest cars, to the classics and Muscle Cars of later years, to the Vipers and Prowlers which rolled off the assembly line yesterday. There are national show winners, but many daily drivers too. Many of our members think cars are to be driven. For example, of the 20 Wing cars owned by our members, none live life on a trailer. But we also have many national show winners that can be seen regularly at CMC events. For More Information, contact or visit their website at

The Durango Owners Club
The Durango Owners Club
C/O Herman Ascher
P.O. BOX 1454
Rowlett, TX 75030

Dodge Trucks BeNeLux
Are you a European fan or owner of Dodge Trucks? Check this site and club out, it's probably the first Dodge Truck Website not published in English. The organization is called Dodge Trucks BeNeLux and is club for owners of Dodge (pickup)trucks in the BeNeLux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg) in Europe.

Chrysler Owners Club of Queensland (Australia)
The largest Chrysler Club in Queensland Australia. Check it out at or e-mail the club at

The Christian Mopar Club
Home of the new Chrysler Power Website and The Christian Mopar Club. Stop in and check it out at! More info, e-mail

Little Red Wagon Info
Bill "Maverick" Golden is still out racing and wowing crowds with his awesome A-100, the Little Red Wagon. He also sells a wide selection of Little Red Wagon memoribilia for the true enthusiast. Call (501)-268-7970 if interested.

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