Old, sagging hinges are not only frustrating, but they can cause damage to the door,  cab, door catches, door striker, or the weatherstrip.   Not to mention they make the truck feel old – don’t replace your truck or slam your doors just because of the hinges!

Probably the most important body fix to a `72-`93 Dodge Ram Pickup Truck is to replace the lower door hinges.  This restores the smooth, solid and tight operation of the doors and eliminates sagging as well as the need to slam the doors shut every time.

Old Hinge

The Old Hinge after it was removed. Estimated 300k or more miles and more than 27 years of use on this hinge.

What to buy?
The door hinges on a 1972 to 1993 Dodge Ram D-Series or W-Series Pickup Truck are the same as the following vehicles:
–>1963-76 A-bodies, all, incl, Darts, Duster, Valiant, pre-’70 ‘Cuda, Scamp, Demon, Swinger, etc.
–> 1966-70 B-bodies, all, incl. Road Runner, GTX, Satellite, Charger, R/T, Super Bee, SuperBird, Coronet, etc.

These hinges are usually available on Ebay (try checking here and search for “hinge”).  The ones I found have replaceable bushings, nylon lined torsion bar saddle bushings, and toothed rollers.  They also have a nice rust resistant silvery zinc coating. 

Hole after initial drilling process that is required. All threads are removed and the hole becomes just a "thru-hole".

Hole after initial drilling process that is required. All threads are removed and the hole becomes just a "thru-hole".

Just one simple modification for each hinge is required to get them to fit Dodge Trucks; one of the threaded holes on the hinge which bolts to the truck body must be drilled out.  Using a stepped titanium coated drill bit works best for hogging out the hole.  Final touch up is done using a 3/8 inch dia. round file.

This is all shown in detailed photos which I have included in the gallery below.  Good Luck!

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